YMCA Camp KOK RoadAs we go through our journey with Logan’s Love, Inc., we want to share stories, funny moments, and reflections from our experiences. We are excited about the ride and look forward to learning from those we will meet along the way. We also hope to share inspirations from other sources that provide valuable life lessons that encourage all of us to live life to the fullest, have gratitude, and enjoy each day.

Article: Every day, we can choose what to focus on
Al Renshaw

Article: Mind the Garden Within
Al Renshaw

Poem by Robert “Bob” Renshaw

Poem: The Spirit of the Warrior’s Way by Sensei Terry Valentino

Here are a few web sites we enjoy and recommend for inspiration:

Zen Habits: Simplify your life

Tiny Buddah®: Simple wisdom for complex lives

TED Talk Videos: Ideas worth spreading

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Global Stewards: Sustainable living tips