About Us

Logan Helene Renshaw 11/5/1997 – 2/2/2018

Throughout her life, Logan Renshaw had a strong desire and sense of urgency to change the world. She wanted to have an impact in childhood development, sustainable living, improving the environment, encouraging acceptance and compassion for others, the list goes on. She was inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that focus on key societal challenges to make the world better.

Over the next several decades, we will focus on volunteering and supporting charitable causes important to Logan and our family.

We are fortunate that through Logan’s Love, Inc.,  we can help fulfill Logan’s mission and have her live on in our hearts and memory while she does God’s work in heaven. Join us on our journey as we make the world a better place through inspirational events, acts of kindness, and charitable giving.

Logan’s Love symbolizes that we all have special gifts and that one person can inspire others to be the light and make a difference.

Board of Directors

  • Helen Renshaw, Founder
  • Al Renshaw, Founder
  • James Randolph, Advisor

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